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In today's global investment environment, high-net-worth individuals face significant complexity in their financial lives as they attempt to strike the optimal balance between wealth preservation, growth and income generation. Olewine Financial Group offers our clients a process-driven, holistic approach that can bring diverse investments and successful strategies together in an easy-to-understand framework.

Our Services


A Process-Driven Approach

Many of our clients have found that successful growth and preservation of the wealth they have accumulated is based upon a disciplined process that leverages professional expertise and world-class analytics. Our approach to wealth preservation and investment management* begins with an in-depth analysis of each client's current financial situation.

This customized financial “snapshot” is then used as a benchmark as we work with our client to evaluate and define his or her long-term financial objectives. Once realistic wealth accumulation and preservation objectives have been identified, Olewine Financial Group can propose tailored solutions to fulfill those objectives.

A Thorough Review of Client Assets

We begin with a thorough, top-to-bottom review of the client's situation. Topics that will be covered in our initial interview may include: What are the current investments? Is there a strategic investment plan? In whose name are assets owned? Has the family engaged in estate planning, and if so what structures are in place?

Analysis of Financial Commitments and Goals

Properly structuring a client's investments and adequately managing his or her risk depends primarily on the clients goals, both financial and non-financial. Financial goals may include spending goals or asset-level goals; non-financial goals may include tax-efficient transfer of assets to future generations or philanthropic cause. We work diligently to establish and maintain deep, long-lasting relationships with each of our clients in order to provide them tailored investment and risk management advice.

Development of Investment Strategy

Once financial goals have been clearly defined, Olewine Financial Group can recommend customized solutions that may include, for example:

  • Strategic asset allocation1 plans.
  • Individual investment# opportunities.
  • Equity diversification1 techniques.
  • Estate and Tax Planning strategies2. or any combination of these and other options. Each aspect of our advice is informed by the others, striving to an integrated investment strategy.

Personal Trust Services

Olewine Financial Group will work closely with you and your attorney, accountant and others to help create a plan that meets your specific goals. Individuals often have both tax and non-tax reasons for engaging in trust and estate planning2. Tax motivations are usually based heavily on minimizing gift and estate taxes. Non-tax motivations frequently include succession planning and philanthropic giving.

Regardless of your motivation to pursue a trust or estate plan, Olewine Financial Group has access to professionals who can help you to plan your legacy in the most effective manner possible, ensuring that you have properly addressed the needs of your family and / or other beneficiaries.

Olewine Financial Group acts as a “quarterback” in your estate planning process, coordinating the efforts of the legal, tax, and accounting professionals we have access to, with our clients’ individual attorneys and advisors. Our Estate Planning Specialists work with our clients to:

Draft Your Will

The essential component of your estate plan, your will is a primary document for transferring your wealth upon your death. Time spent now deciding how you wish your legacy to be passed on to your heirs will avoid problems and reduce taxation for you heirs later.

Choose Your

Settling an estate is a complex process that often spans many months. Choosing an executor or personal representative who is knowledgeable and will be available to settle your estate is important to your peace of mind as well as the security of your loved ones.

Regularly Review
Your Estate Plan

Lifestyle changes and other important personal and financial milestones create the need to review and update your estate plan. You may consider a reassessment of your current estate plan after changing marital status, having or adopting children, changing jobs, or moving.

Charitable Financial Planning

Olewine Financial Group also can help you develop a personal financial plan to reach your philanthropic objectives, which may include significant financial contributions to charitable organizations, institutions, and your community.

Strategic Tax Planning2

In devising a successful strategy to preserve your current wealth and generate future income, there may be nothing more essential than maximizing tax efficiency. Olewine Financial Group can help review traditional tax strategies (e.g., trusts, qualified plans, and insurance), helping to determine which vehicles are best suited for each client’s particular set of circumstances.

Income Tax Strategies2

Based on an individual’s particular financial situation, Olewine Financial Group may recommend the use of one or more income tax planning strategies.

Transfer Taxes

With few exceptions (including life insurance), transfers of wealth from one individual to another are subject to taxation. Transfer taxes can greatly reduce the legacy you would like to leave your family or charitable organization. Olewine Financial Group provides our clients access to top legal, accounting, and tax advisors through the Advanced Planning Group, (a service of New York Life Insurance Company and not available for all cases,) and can help our clients minimize transfer taxes in many ways.

Asset Allocation Considerations1

Asset allocation is a critical consideration for transfer and income tax planning. Assets should be properly allocated both within asset classes and among various entities and accounts (e.g., personal, retirement, trust or partnership). For instance, clients may choose to hold appreciating assets in entities whose economic benefit will accrue to their beneficiaries free of estate and gift tax, while holding income-bearing assets in their estate.

Insurance Products

Where appropriate, Olewine Financial Group may recommend insurance products to cover the cost of any remaining estate taxes. We have the ability to offer our clients unbiased advice and access to some of the most stable and secure insurance products available.

Fee-Based Financial Planning

Our fee-based planning services through Eagle Strategies LLC are specially developed with the customer in mind. We offer clients access to receive customized financial plans, specific to their desires, helpful in establishing and growing their financial wealth for generations to come.

Once we implement your plan, we monitor it closely and will review it periodically to determine if any changes should be made.

Each plan can be composed of the following, with specific goals in mind.

  • Help maximize investment opportunities
  • Seek to reduce taxes2
  • Strengthen retirement plan
  • Lowering borrowing costs or increase borrowing effectiveness
  • Protect your assets and family more effectively
  • Enhance cash flow
  • Refine your estate plan
  • Provide for business succession

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement requires careful preparation and a prudent investment strategy. Whether a client’s desire is to create an income stream that will help ensure a comfortable retirement or to preserve assets to pass on to heirs, Olewine Financial Group can help clients construct a portfolio that will help meet their needs based on the individual’s risk tolerance and available assets.

Retirement Income Analysis

For clients seeking a disciplined investment strategy, Olewine Financial Group offers access to customized investment allocation1 plans that, if properly implemented, can help them meet their retirement goals. Key considerations in creating our client’s investment allocation plans include the individual’s top financial objectives, investment time horizon, risk tolerance, tax situation and cash needs.

The rigorous asset allocation1 process can result in broadly diversified—yet highly efficient—portfolios for our clients. Using a transparent, process-oriented approach allows our clients to take part in selecting a viable retirement date and asset accumulation goal.

Retirement Account Consolidation

Account consolidation is often the first step helping our clients to reach their retirement objectives. By consolidating a client's IRAs and other retirement plan assets through Olewine Financial Group, clients may benefit from:

  • An integrated investment strategy that allows the client to closely monitor asset allocation strategy
  • Access to a variety of investment# vehicles that may not be available in a company sponsored retirement plan
  • Beneficiary consolidation to facilitate estate planning

In many cases, clients are eligible to roll over assets from their employer-sponsored plans (401(k)s) into an IRA, and potentially increase their investment flexibility. In order to determine whether you qualify, please contact Olewine Financial Group.

Before rolling over the proceeds of your retirement plan to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or annuity, consider whether you would benefit from other possible options such as leaving the funds in your existing plan or transferring them into a new employer’s plan. You should consider the specific terms and rules that relate to each option including: the available investment options, applicable fees and expenses, the services offered, the withdrawal options, the potential flexibility around taking IRS required minimum distributions from the option, tax consequences of withdrawals and of removing shares of employer stock from your plan, possible protection from creditors and legal judgments and your unique situation. Neither New York Life Insurance Company nor its agents provide tax or legal advice. Consult your own tax and or legal advisors regarding your particular situation.

Insurance Services

Insurance is an often overlooked, but critical, dimension of wealth preservation that plays a key role in estate planning, risk management, tax planning2, and asset protection. When properly incorporated into your financial planning, insurance can:

1. Minimize the risk of estate tax.

Paying estate taxes may not be possible without selling or liquidating assets. Life insurance can provide immediate cash to the trust or your heirs, free of income tax.

2. Achieve charitable goals.

By designating a charity as a beneficiary, you can make a substantial gift for a relatively modest cost.

3. Create an estate.

Life insurance can be used to create an estate that helps protect and preserve your family’s lifestyle – safeguarding them and their future should something happen to prevent you from completing your asset accumulation goals.

4. Protect income and assets from disability and illness.

Disability insurance can replace a percentage of your annual income should you be unable to work – making sure that you and your family are protected from any financial hardship during your time of disability.

Life Insurance

An essential aspect to help protect your legacy, an adequate life insurance policy can play a key role in proper estate planning. Developing a life insurance plan that meets your family's financial needs and aspirations requires a solid understanding of taxes2, trusts, investments, and a myriad of other factors.

In addition to offering traditional whole life, universal life, and term insurance, Olewine Financial Group works closely with Estate Planning Advisors and other team members to propose additional options that best suit your needs.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance can be an important addition to your financial plan to help cover your needs should you or your spouse be unable to work. A few things to consider:

  • You never know how many adults may become disabled in the future.
  • Your income may be the largest asset you have!

Olewine Financial Group can help ensure that that you’ve protected your future income stream, just as you would protect your home, health, or automobile!

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, when structured properly, can be an ideal way to help protect and preserve assets and provide for your heirs; the trust owns your life insurance policy and pays the premium, with the proceeds passing into the trust.

Customized Insurance

Wealth transfer strategies and non-qualified executive benefits are some of the most complex - yet potentially rewarding - financial challenges facing high net worth individuals and executives. Olewine Financial Group can provide you with a number of innovative, customized insurance strategies that can maximize your estate and enhance your compensation.

Corporate Insurance

Business Owners can also benefit from a myriad of insurance-based strategies that will help to preserve the businesses value at a predictable cost.

Corporate Retirement Solutions

A strong employer-sponsored retirement plan can provide businesses with significant leverage in attracting and retaining key employees, while at the same time providing employees with the tools necessary to enjoy a successful retirement. Undoubtedly, establishing and overseeing an appropriate retirement plan can place significant responsibility on plan sponsors. Our goal at Olewine Financial Group is to assist plan sponsors with these responsibilities, providing critical expertise in establishing and overseeing employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Whether it’s a 401(k), 403(b), Simplified Employee Pension-IRA (SEP-IRA), Keogh Plan, or other plan, Olewine Financial Group works alongside our Business Services clients to help create the best solution for you, your company, and your employees.

Corporate Risk Management

Olewine Financial Group can structure a corporate insurance program that preserves business value at a predicable cost. A properly structured corporate insurance program can be used to fund a buy-sell agreement, protect against the death or disability of a key person, or ensure a business continuation by providing a temporary source of cash flow.

Corporate Estate Planning

Your business may be the most valuable asset in your estate. Unfortunately, many family-owned businesses do not survive the first generation as a result of legal issues, taxes, and family disputes. To help protect against these matters, it is essential for business owners to plan ahead. Your personal estate plan, insurance policies, and business estate plan are all intimately connected.

Management Succession

A management succession plan is vitally important to the health and continuity of your family and your employees.

Business Inheritance

Dividing your business among your heirs can be a complicated issue for many business owners. While this is undoubtedly a sensitive topic, planning for the future now can help you avoid problems later.

Business Valuation

Professional valuation of your business performed on a consistent basis can help business owners avoid costly court disputes in determining the amount of business estate taxes.

Olewine Financial Group can also help you plan ahead to make sure your estate has enough liquidity to pay your estate taxes and provide support for your heirs.

Investment Management

Managing your wealth requires a clear understanding of your overall investment objectives. Through Eagle Strategies LLC, our comprehensive investment advisory capabilities utilize a disciplined investment approach that looks beyond traditional asset allocation, while addressing important factors such as risk tolerance levels and investment time horizons.

Industries We Serve

  • Oil and Gas
  • Logging
  • Powdered Metal
  • Manufacturing
  • Executives & Professionals

Working with Other Advisors

At Olewine Financial Group, we work with attorneys, accountants, trust officers and other financial professionals to better serve the needs of our clients. This collaborative approach gives our clients the most comprehensive service available. When you work with Olewine Financial Group, you can rest assured that we will work with you to develop a mutually agreeable process for interacting with our shared clients.

We know that every organization has different methods and preferences for how communication is handled, so we are flexible and adaptable in order to effectively meet the needs of our clients within a cohesive team environment.

We will always maintain open lines of communication and keep you apprised of all developments. We are a results-oriented firm, and we will deliver creative and effective solutions for your clients in the areas of business, estate, succession, and tax planning.

We invite you to explore our website to gain a clearer understanding of our team and the resources we bring to the table. If you have questions or would like to discuss a particular client that we may be of assistance with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




1Asset allocation and diversification do not guarantee a profit or protect against investment loss, but are intended to help manage your goals and risk tolerance. They are methods used to help manage investment risk.

2Neither Olewine Financial Group, its staff nor New York Life Insurance Company, its agents or affiliates provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal or accounting professional before making any decisions.

#Securities offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC